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Meet the team


Franco Valentino

Founder & CEO

Franco is a Cisco CCNA, and has managed technical migrations of portfolios exceeding 7BN as a Sr. Program Manager for IBM . Over his 27 year career in IT, Franco’s client roster includes some of the world’s best known brands: The Panama Canal, AT&T, IBM, AVIS, and hundreds of other industry leading organizations.


Kieran Allen

CTO & co-Founder
KJA Digital

Kieran Allen is the CTO and co-Founder of KJA Digital, a software development company. He has over 16 years of experience in the field and has been successful in solving problems for clients such as General Motors, Visa, Colgate, Adobe, MRM McCann, Hyundai, and Miniclip. With his vast experience, Kieran is known for bringing innovative ideas to the table, helping clients to drive their business forward by providing cutting-edge technology solutions that address their unique needs.


Juliette Kammacher-Reich

Front-end Developer & co-Founder
KJA Digital

Juliette specializes in utilizing her development and strong organizational skills to bring clients' ideas and visions to life. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the latest UX & web development trends, Juliette is dedicated to delivering high-quality, pixel perfect & responsive web projects. As Managing Director of KJA Digital, she is also responsible for project management, overseeing the development team and the general smooth running of the business.


Paul Lovell

SEO & Paid Ad Strategist 



Joy Youell

Senior Content Strategist

Joy Youell is an experienced copywriter, content strategist and on-page SEO specialist. She's addicted to novelty and innovation, which has led her to considerably expand her field of study to include marketing, branding, voice development and numerous entrepreneurial endeavors.


Liz Murphy

Content Strategist & Writer



Josh Allison

Project Manager

Josh is a Project Manager and Technical SEO with a background in Hardware networking and DNS. He was a Director of Maintenance and fleet manager for multiple Aircraft fleets, including the TN Highway Patrol and US Military.


Tara Miller

Chief Performance Officer

Tara assesses team dynamics, corporate culture, and overall health of the organization. She helps assess and improve communications, manage change and growth, support healthy and sustainable workplace dynamics and relationships. Her role provides an overall increase in productivity, focus, efficiency, and other key markers needed for scaling and growth.

“We see Franco and his team as a partner, a steward for the health of our website who helps us make the hard decisions we wouldn’t know the best answers for. [Mekanix] has kept us from chasing initiatives that aren’t really going to help us reach our goals, so we stay focused on the things that are going to have the biggest payoff.”

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Aaron Minc
Principal, Founder
Minc Law

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