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Transform growth “potential” into guaranteed results

We’re the tactical team you need of marketing strategy, revenue operations, and technology unicorns obsessed with eradicating inefficiencies and maximizing growth.

Find more EBITDA

These are the problems we solve to turn every $1 million savings into $10 million in profit.

Lead consistency

You struggle to diagnose drop-offs in lead acquisition or mitigate seasonal dips across all of your companies.

Stunted revenue

To drive revenue at scale, you need a marriage between marketing and tech, and you know it’s not where it needs to be.

Wasted budget

You can’t measure the ROI of what you’re currently doing, and you know you’re wasting money somewhere.

Plateaued growth

A growing company has hit a wall because they aren’t built to scale. From marketing to IT, it’s time for big changes.

Potential acquisition

You need a bulletproof revenue strategy to make an acquisition target more profitable for an eventual sale.

Weak portfolio

Company performance is spotty, and all you see are inefficiencies everywhere. You need to know why you’re losing money.

Roll-up reporting

You lack a roll-up report measuring performance, efficiency, and profitability across all companies in your portfolio.

ERP adoption

Use of ERP systems within your companies is inconsistent, limiting the visibility you need to drive growth at scale.

Human capital

You lack the depth and scope of in-house leadership expertise to solve these complex revenue challenges.

The process

Address immediate revenue challenges. Maximize profitability for future sales.



We rigorously evaluate your people, processes, and systems to assess and validate the source and scope of your current growth challenges. At this stage, we will also mutually assess if we’re a good fit to continue forward together.



Next, we’ll implement corrections within current systems to set the stage for long-term growth. In parallel, we will also roll out new strategies and systems to increase efficiencies and maximize sustainable profitability. 

"Mekanix has been instrumental in analyzing our portfolio companies and blueprinting the precise revenue roadmap we need for continued success. Thanks to their work with one company in particular, we reported a 50% increase in top-line, gross revenue growth. If you're looking for a revenue catalyst for your portfolio, look no further than Franco and his team."

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Michael Amideo
Managing Director
Capital Strategy Group

Built for your home services portfolio

From driving traffic and generating leads, to shortening the sales cycle and increasing revenue, we’re the revenue catalyst you need for the home services industry.


Doors and windows



Foundation repair




RE brokerages is your secret weapon is not an agency. We’re a collective of experienced revenue tacticians who thrive when asked to deliver answers and results in complex, outlier scenarios.


The SWAT team of strategic experts you need – and would never be able to afford in-house – at a fraction of the cost.


No interns or entry-level players. Our experts are hand-selected problem-solvers who’ve seen and done it all. 


Whether you need a short-term engagement or a fractional CTMO, we’re built to meet your needs on your terms. 

“We see Franco and his team as a partner, a steward for the health of our website who helps us make the hard decisions we wouldn’t know the best answers for. [Mekanix] has kept us from chasing initiatives that aren’t really going to help us reach our goals, so we stay focused on the things that are going to have the biggest payoff.”

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Aaron Minc
Principal, Founder
Minc Law

You need more than cost savings

You need a guaranteed plan for maximizing profitability. Let’s talk about what that looks like for you.